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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions. If you don't find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us at

Somethings not right, where to I log a bug

We love hearing about bugs and suggestions. We want the game to be polished and bug free. First check the Known Issues page and if it's not listed please email me directly on

In what order do armies move and attack?

All units are sorted in order of their strength then each moves and then fights any enemies in the same place. When there are more than one enemy they attacked in order of strength.

What happens to reinforcements when an army is destroyed?

They are lost. You must time your reinforcements to arrive before combat if you are at risk of losing the unit.

My reinforcements arrive at exactly the same time as a combat is due to occur, which happens first?

All cards do their thing first, then all units move and fight. Reinforcements will be applied, then the combat will take place. In the case of buffs that are due to _end_ at the same time as a combat, they will end first, then the combat will take place.

What happens if 2 Lucky cards are played on the same unit?

Generally card effects are not cumulative. A unit will not become more lucky because it has 2 lucky cards on it.

I'm having trouble targeting an opponents units?

You can arrange the order of units on the map buy repeatedly clicking on them. To make targeting easier you can bring your target to the top of a stack before using a card.

Road March Times and Sight Range

The road between each map node in Jupiter's Folly is 8 hours march. Units can see about 18 hours march distance. Mines can see 26 hours march distance.

Why do I have to use my Google Account to log in?

We use Google to manage our accounts to ensure your security. We never see your password, and Google does not share any personal information with us other than your nickname and email address.

iPhone or Android Version?

We are slowly working on a HTML version of the game which will allow you to enjoy the game on any modern browser. Stay tuned!

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