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Beta 3 Now Live

Changes include Black and Cyberguard nerfing, price tweaks, new rules for deployment, bug nests you might be able to take out and heaps more.

Best new feature: One click to harvest from all your mines!

Help find new players!

Please let the websites you read know about our games. Get a story posted or blog about our game and you could win a one month key for free! Just send us a link!
We'll give one away each week!

Welcom RPS and PCGamer Readers!

Please keep in mind the game is still in an early alpha stage. We've not had much of a chance to play test it ourselves yet.

I'd love to hear your feedback. You can send me an email directly to

Alpha 2.2 Now Live

You no longer need to harvest crystal from mines for it to count as victory points. As soon as you pull it out of the ground it counts towards your victory.

Alpha 2.1 Now Live

Paths betwene map nodes are now only 8 hours which means your security forces will move around the board much quicker! We've also reduced the cost of many of the cards.

Let us know what you think!

Hardcore Fan?

If you want to make a special contubution to the development of the game you can buy this avatar for your exclusive use for 12 months!

Contact us now to find out more!

Other Games?

Have you seen our other game prototypes?Blight of the Immortals or Neptune's Pride?

Feedback Welcome

We're always on the look-out for ways to improve the game and website. If you have some feedback or a suggestion, please send us an email to

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